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Fever Screening

For many businesses right now, getting back to work safely is the number one goal.

We now live in a different world. Health and safety will now include protecting staff and customers from the risk of exposure to Covid-19.

We have collaborated with other UK businesses to offer part of the solution. As a technology firm accredited by the UK’s leading auditing body NSI, we offer Thermal Camera technology bundled with a UK developed user interface and recording solution for fast, non-intrusive, cost effective *Fever Screening technology at the point of entry to any building or site.

Our products

We install a Bi-Spectrum thermal camera mounted internally to view the main entrance. When someone comes into the building, whether on their own or within a group, within one second, the camera recognises the faces and measures their heat to within 0.5
0 C. If the temperature is higher than the calibrated alert temperature, for example 38°C, then a small light will flash on the camera and a speaker announces, “high temperature has been detected”.

At this stage no one has had to stand at the entrance manually testing every person and the people being tested do not feel intimidated, uncomfortable and have a free unobstructed route into the building avoiding queues. We recommend at the stage of a positive detection by the camera, a secondary test is carried out with a handheld thermometer to confirm the temperature detected, which can be provided by us as part of this solution.

Working with our UK partner, Tether, a user-friendly web-based interface has been designed for real time video feed and instant video retrieval from a UK hosted cloud server on most smart phones, Tablets, PC and MAC machines. This means, a monitor and other expensive hardware is not required to implement this solution.

Fever Testing FAQs

Do we need any special training to use the camera?

No. This solution can be fitted standalone and operate on a detect and announce basis. However, if you require the recorded footage for evidence, we recommend some training, which we will provide.

What happens if the camera stops working?

Should this happen, we have included Tether Technology which offers full fault reporting via email to you. Should the camera or any part of the solution fail, we are on call 24hr a day.

What happens if we don’t have a receptionist to make sure no one comes in if they have a high temperature?

This solution is configurable for your specific requirements. For example, we can link existing access control to the system above a door. Should someone try to enter with their access card or fob and the camera detects a high temperature, the door will not unlock, preventing entry.

We have multiple entry points, how many cameras will we need?

Every entry point will require a camera. However, in some cases sites have chosen to close some entrances to filter people through only one or two doors. However, this must be done with careful consideration ensuring that exit routes are not blocked for fire safety.

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Why trust Applewood Fire and Security to keep your business safe?

  1. 15 years’ experience installing and maintaining commercial Fire and Security systems
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  5. Flexible service to maintain or upgrade existing systems, simply install a new system, or offer ongoing maintenance.

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Hi, I’m Adam, Owner and Director of Applewood Fire and Security.

I’ve spent the last 15 years keeping businesses and commercial premises safe.

In my time installing and managing commercial security systems, I think I’ve seen every challenge and every system going.

This has enabled me to build an objective expertise-based service where we evaluate your needs and risks and find the right solution.

The technology is changing and improving all the time, and I consider it our role to keep you ahead of the curve, well-informed of the options and fully protected.

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What our customers say

Your company has made a huge improvement to the background work at Silvermere

Hi Adam

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you to you as your company has made a huge improvement to the background work at Silvermere.

I had a meeting with an insurance broker who is trying to quote for the business. I must say I was really impressed with how efficient you have been with the changeover to your company. My colleague confirmed that the key holder list had been updated and there was a zone map which Clive (your engineer) generated and it has made everything so much easier to monitor. He also mentioned about the CCTV and a new app etc and I was very happy that everything was working as it should.

I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done so far to get us working efficiently.

Kind regards

Excellent Service and Product

I had security cameras and an alarm installed. The instillation was really well executed without leaving any mess. Clive, who put the system in, was very helpful and made sure I understood everything before he left. And the product works perfectly. Everything I had hoped for at a reasonable cost.


Intruder system

Adam showed me how to use the app which is very easy for me to set and unset. I can log in and see if there are any faults and if anything is going on. The 24 hour call out gives peace of mind and that I can speak to an engineer about my alarm system at any time.



We had a CCTV system installed at our Nursery for safeguarding reasons and the system ticks all the boxes. I can control who can view the system with full audit logs of what has been viewed and downloaded by staff inline with our GDPR policy. Would recommend.

Colours Daycare

Great Service

Applewood look after our sites (over 40) for fire alarm Intruder alarm, access control and many more. As property and facilities manager they make my life easier as they are quick to react to issues, easy to deal with and we get emailed when they are on route and I can view all the completed jobs on the invoices they send use removing the need for a phone call to approve invoices and so on.

Mark C

Hugely capable alarm engineer with extensive knowledge

Adam, the owner, is a hugely capable alarm engineer with extensive knowledge of all aspects of domestic security. The advice he gave us was informative succinct and 100 percent applicable to our needs. On the day of the installation he quickly got to work and finished on time. The installation is neat and tidy and has worked perfectly from day 1.

I would strongly recommend anybody looking for a modern and effective security system ( cctv or an alarm ) to use this company.

Becci Anderson

Professional throughout

Applewood setup our CCTV and alarm and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Professional throughout, and have been supportive through changing our broadband provider and tweaking our setup to ensure optimal performance.

They talked us through all the options and recommended other minor improvements such as changing thumb locks for key locks on main doors.

Tom Holloway